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MicroMaxx® Launch Rods

William Orvis
LUNAR# 309

If you bought one of the original MicroMacxx® rockets, it came with its own launch pad, launch controller, and igniter holder. If your club has a set of standard launch pads, this pad and controller does not really work well with them. Also, newer MicroMaxx® rockets with clustered engines don’t work at all with the single igniter holders in the original pad.

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Sixth Grade Rockets

By Justin Belknap
NAR# 97349 JR

In the following article, I will tell you about my experience with rocketry in my sixth grade class. How I watched the other kids learn about rockets and learned some things as well. How I built and painted a rocket with someone that was not related to me. Last but definitely not least, the look on the other kids faces when the rockets launched on launch day.

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Building the Maxx Rack Rocket

William Orvis, LUNAR#309

After building the MicroMaxx Rack rocket couple of years ago, I decided to go in the other direction. C engine rack rockets are pretty standard and D engine racks have also been done, so, it seems like it is time for an E-engine rack rocket. E12-0 engines had just come available and are just the just the ticket for a rack.


Figure 1. The Rack Rocket Fleet: MicroMaxx, 18mm (C-motor), and Maxx (E-motor).

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