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About Anthony Cooper

I started flying rockets as a child in 1976 at the local parks and school grounds of Iowa. By 1979, girls became more important and rockets were forgotten until my own son was 3 years old in 1996. Then I started flying with LUNAR. Every since I've been on the LUNAR board. I am currently a NAR Level II flyer and am most famous for flying the Piñata Rocket.

2015-03-19 General Membership Meeting Minutes

7:30 Dave Ramondi calls the meeting to order. In attendance is:

  • Dave Ramondi
  • Anthony Cooper
  • Eric Melvil
  • Ben
  • Sheryl Cooper
  • Paul Pittenger
  • Robert Belknap
  • Ari
  • Stu Cobb
  • Tim Robinson
  • Fred Radford

Ari admitted the he forget to remove the ejection charge from the motor when he burned up a his glider at Snow Ranch. Ghost , punch out.

Tim Robinson bemoaned about his tree born rocket left a Snow Ranch.

7:45 Introductions complete. Launch permit secure for March. April will be up to Planetary Adventures. 2016 permit is in question due to hanger one proposed construction. Dave expressed concern over where LUNAR will fit in the future.

Proposed two Saturday launches in April. We have to wait for weather to evaluate fire danger.

Paul mentioned that he is assembling the competition launch tower. Need to get more participants for the NAR contest.Benno Black Powderless Project

Ben Black Powderless Project. Ben did a presentation on how to fly as a Jr 1 without using black powder. He attempted to use servos to open hatches to deploy parachutes. He crashed his first attempt. Then used a servo as a sheer pin. Motor deployed the drogue parachute. Once the correct altitude was reached the servo turned pulling the pseudo sheer pin to gravity deploy the parachute. He has flown two successful dual deploy flights.

Paul talked about ways to compete in the NAR contest. They discussed what counted for scale rockets. Without the pink book being handy, they decided that a flying SR-71 didn’t count toward sport scale. There wasn’t one in Petter Alway’s rockets of the world.

Stu Cobb showed off his transparent rocket. He discovered that if you polished fiberglass enough, it becomes nearly transparent. Stu also demonstrated how to splice Kevlar rather than tying or gluing it.

9:00 Meeting adjourned.