Table of Flight Restrictions

This table is suppose to make it easier. You need to know your Gross Lift Off Weight (GLOW) and your motor(s) specifications. Start from the top left of the table and keep going down and right until you meet all the requirements. The last cell will tell you what you have to do to fly your rocket.

Proximity to Airport Rocket Weight GLOW Single motor Multi Motor Average Thrust Restriction
> 5 nautical miles <1500g/1lbs <62.5g Typical G motor and <160N-Sec <125g and <320N-Sec <80N Standard
> 5 nautical miles <1500g/3.3lbs <125g Typical H motor <125g <80N Pyro III
< 5 nautical miles >1500g/3.3lbs <10240N-Sec M motor limit <20480N-Sec >=80N Waiver
< 5 nautical miles >1500g/3.3lbs <40960N-Sec O motor limit <40960N-Sec >=80N Not CA legal, use another state
< 5 nautical miles >1500g/3.3lbs >=40960N-Sec O motor limit >=40960N-Sec >=80N Class 3 Rocket

Standard = Permission of the land owner, insurance, and a fire permit.
Waiver = Standard plus a waiver filed with the local FAA controller and a CA Pyro Technician Class III Rocketry. FAR 101
Pyro III is required when: a rocket that (1) is propelled by one or more high power rocket motors (more than 160 Newton-seconds (36 lb.-seconds) of total impulse or an average thrust greater than 80 N (18 lbs) or more than 62.5 g (2.2 oz) of propellant,) ; (2) is propelled by a combination of model rocket motors having an installed total impulse of more than 320 N-sec (71.9 lb-sec); (3) is propelled by a combination of model rocket motors having more than a total of 125 g (4.4 oz) of propellant weight; or (4) weighs more than 1500 g (53 oz – 3.3lbs) with motor(s) installed.

  • Motor = Impulse
  • 1/4A < .625NSec
  • 1/2A < 1.25NSec
  • A < 2.5NSec
  • B < 5.0NSec
  • C < 10NSec
  • D < 20NSec
  • E < 40NSec
  • F < 80NSec
  • G < 160NSec CA Pyro III required for a single motor over 160NSec.
  • H < 320NSec CA Pyro III required for a multi motor cluster or staged over 320NSec.
  • I < 640NSec
  • J < 1280NSec
  • K < 2560NSec
  • L < 5120NSec
  • M < 10240NSec Single motor limit for CA
  • N < 20480NSec Multi motor limit for CA
  • O < 40960NSec Class 2 motor limit for USA
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