The LUNAR Bragging Rights Walls

The LUNAR Bragging Rights Walls are not a page for those who launch their rockets the highest, but for those who try to hit a specific altitude exactly. Anything within a couple of hundred (thousand???) feet of the mark will be included here, assuming the rocketeer was trying to hit it.

These walls are not an official contest, but are a gentleman's game. We expect you to announce your attempt to the LCO before the launch but will accept your certification as to that fact and to the actual altitude you achieved. Send your results to the webmaster and I will put them up.

This all started with the Mile High Wall but that wall has become crowded and with one flight within 1 foot of a mile, nearly impossible for anyone new to win. Henceforth, the old wall will be the Emeritus Mile High Wall with a new one starting with 2012 launches. In addition, there have been requests for some additional walls: 2 miles for the high shooters, 528 feet for smaller rockets, and 52.8 feet for micromaxx. We have also had requests for 1 and 2 kilometer walls for those wanting to go metric.

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