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The following articles are provided to LUNAR by NASA. The Space Place articles give the public the opportunity to explore the space program's technological advancements and delve into its discoveries.


In addition, The NASA Space Place program has two Web sites aimed at children but equally as fun and educational for adults. You are invited to explore these web sites at or the Spanish version at You should also visit the JPL website .

Podcasts: Space Place To Go!

No time to think about the wonders of the universe, much less how to explain them in a simple way to your students? Sign up for the new Space Place Podcast. Listen when you have time. In each Podcast, a NASA scientist answers fascinating questions about space and Earth science, with a little technology thrown in. Go to to subscribe. Or you can listen now on your computer or read the transcripts. Best of all, you can listen while you go for a walk, looking up at the beautiful night sky and thinking about all that is out there, known and unknown.

Recent Space Place articles are in the LUNAR'clips
Clouds from Top to Bottom (April 2007)
Early Bird Gets the Worm (March 2007)
Even Solar Sails Need a Mast (February 2007)
A Great Big Wreck (January 2007)
Space Weather for Air Travelerss (December 2006)
Martian Devils (November 2006)
The Planet in the Machine (October 2006)
Staggering Distance (September 2006)
Deadly Planets (August 2006)
Celebrating 40 Years of Intent Listening (July 2006)
From Thunderstorms to Solar Storms… (June 2006)
Not a Moment Wasted (May 2006)
Who Wants to be a Daredevil? (April 2006)
Planets in Strange Places (March 2006)
Micro-sats with Macro-potential (February 2006)
Snowstorm on Pluto (January 2006)
A New View of the Andromeda Galaxy (December 2005)
Voices from the Cacophony (November 2005)
A Wrinkle in Space-Time (October 2005)
Where No Spaceship has Gone Before (September 2005)
Improbable Bulls-Eye (August 2005)
Newest Weather Sentry Takes Up Watch (July 2005)
Moving a Mountain of a Dish (June 2005)
Seeing in the Dark with Spitzer (May 2005)
Asian Tsunami Seen from Space (April 2005)
Utterly Alien (March 2005)
A Different Angle on Climate Change (February 2005)
Stardust Up Close (January 2005)
Antennas, Designed by Darwin (December 2004)
Galactic Surprise (October 2004)
A Summer Vacation Tracking Down UFOs (September 2004)
Resisting Retirement: Earth Observing 1 (August 2004)
Waiting for Cassini's "Safe Arrival" (July 2004)
Space Weather (June 2004)
Far Out Ideas (May 2004)
Voyage to a Double Planet (April 2004)
Sciencecraft (March 2004)
Deep Space Network 2-for-1 Sale! (February 2004)
Flying in Formation (January 2004)
So Little Time, So Many Galaxies (December 2003)
Stardust (November 2003)
Hurricane Team Work (October 2003)
(un)Fasten your Seatbelts (September 2003)
Careful Planning and Quick Improvisation Succeed in Space Biz (August 2003)
From the Belly of an Airplane: Galaxies (July 2003)
Monster Trucks on Mars (June 2003)
Eggs in the Air (May 2003)
In Search of Alien Oceans (Apr. 2003)
Musical Satellites (Mar. 2003)
Frisbees in Space (Feb. 2003)

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