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LUNAR uses Google Groups for chatting and making announcements to the LUNAR Membership. You must have a Google/GMail account to subscribe to any of these groups. New members are automatically sent an invitation to join the LUNAR Announce group.

Group Web Site eMail Subscribe eMail Purpose

Group Instructions

Web Interface for subscribing, viewing post history and controlling how you get your updates. (Pulled -you go get updates vs Pushed -updates are sent to you.)

An email address to subscribe to the group. A confirmation will be returned to confirm you want to join. Links below generate an email to join the group.

Normal way to communicate with the group. Optionally, the web site can be used. Links below generate emails to send to the group.

Why the group exists and why you might want to subscribe to the group.

LUNAR Announce




Low volume group that only club officers can post to. Intended to only be used for event announcements like launch changes and outreach events. New LUNAR members are automatically enrolled in this group. LUNAR suggests that all LUNAR members subscribe to this group.

LUNAR General




The LUNAR General group is a discussion forum on model rocketry for the Livermore Unit of the National Association of Rocketry. If you like to be social about what you are doing in rocketry or ask questions, this is an excellent group. However, please do not ask what the best glue for rockets is.





Used to communicate with ARC (American Rocketry Challenge) groups about special launches for getting qualifications. Also can be used to request help from other local ARC teams and LUNAR members.

LUNAR PyroTalk




Group where people who are applying for their Pyro III license can talk about issues and affidavits for getting their Pyro III license.


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