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2014 Final Results (pdf)

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2015 Rules

Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is an aerospace design and engineering event for teams of US secondary school students (7th through 12th grades) run by the NAR and the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). Teams can be sponsored by schools or by nonprofit youth organizations such as Scouts, 4-H, or Civil Air Patrol (but not the NAR or other rocketry organizations). The goal of TARC is to motivate students to pursue aerospace as an exciting career field, and it is co-sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers, Estes Industries, the Department of Defense, and NASA. The event involves designing and building a model rocket (650 grams or less, using NAR-certified model rocket motors totaling 80 N-sec or less of total impulse) that carries a payload of two Grade A Large eggs for a flight duration of 48 - 50 seconds, and to an altitude of exactly 825 feet (measured by an onboard altimeter), and that then returns the eggs to earth uncracked using only two identical-sized parachutes as a recovery device. Onboard timers are allowed; radio-control and pyrotechnic charges are not..

See the NAR and AIA websites for the contest rules.

Note: Some of the links on the NAR and AIA websites point to previous years rules. Make sure you have the 2014 rules.

LUNAR is honored to support the TARC qualification launches again this year. TARC teams are welcome to participate in the regularly scheduled club launches. The launch fees are waived for all TARC teams. As the deadline approaches in April, special TARC are scheduled at Nasa Ames:

David Raimondi, TARC Launch Coordinator, 408.997.2571 (h) or 408.742.5173 (w)

Central California TARC Team Mentor Volunteers:

David RaimondiSan Jose,
William OrvisLivermore,
Cliff SojournerSunnyvale,
Jack HagertyLivermore, CA 925.437.8543
Alan ThymNewark,
Ken BibaSan Francisco,
Mike ParkerLos Gatos,

A complete list of mentors can be found at the NAR website.

Central California TARC Team Peer Mentor Volunteers:

Aaron StanleySacramento,

Special TARC Launch Schedule

In addition to flying at the regular club launches, we will arrange to allow the TARC teams to fly at Nasa Ames in Mountain View. Please contact David Raimondi (above) for more information.
or 1000 registrants
  Registration Deadline
3/16/2013 0900-1300 Launch - Nasa Ames
3/23/2013 0900-1300 Launch - Nasa Ames
3/30/2013 0900-1300 Launch - Nasa Ames
3/31/2013   TARC Qualification Deadline
5/10/2013   TARC Finals, Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

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