Team America Rocket Challenge 2008

The Team America Rocketry Challenge is a national rocketry contest open to 7th through 12th grade students who must enter as teams of three or more to design, build and fly a rocket that meets a pre-defined mission objective. Teams can be sponsored by schools or by non-profit youth organizations such as Scouts, 4-H, or Civil Air Patrol (but not the NAR or other rocketry organizations). This year's challenge is to design, build and fly a model rocket carrying two raw grade A large eggs and return them safely to the ground while staying aloft for exactly 45 seconds and reaching an altitude of 750 feet.

See the NAR and AIA websites for the contest rules.

LUNAR is honored to support the TARC qualification launches again this year. TARC teams are welcome to participate in the regularly scheduled club launches. The launch fees are waived for all TARC teams. As the deadline approaches in April, special TARC launches can be arranged at Robertson Park in Livermore by contacting:

David Raimondi, TARC Launch Coordinator, 408.997.2571 (h) or 408.742.5173 (w)
Craig Saunders, LUNAR President, (925) 324-2400

Central California TARC Team Mentor Volunteers:

Craig SaundersDanville,
David RaimondiSan Jose,
William OrvisLivermore,
Cliff SojournerSunnyvale,
Jack HagertyLivermore,

A complete list of mentors can be found at the NAR website.

Central California TARC Team Peer Mentor Volunteers:

Aaron StanleySacramento,

Special TARC Launch Schedule

In addition to flying at the regular club launches, we will arrange to allow the TARC teams to fly at Robertson Park in Livermore. Please contact Davis Raimondi (above) for more information.
11/30/07   Registration Deadline
2/24/08 0900-1200
Launch - Robertson Park
3/30/08 0900-1200 Launch - Robertson Park
4/4/08 1400-1700 Launch - Robertson Park
4/6/08 0900-1200 Launch - Robertson Park
4/6/08   TARC Qualification Deadline
4/7/08   TARC Submission Deadline
5/17/08   TARC Finals

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