LUNAR Demo at the 2003 East Bay Radio Controllers Aeromodeling Show

Sunday September 28, 2003

Photos by Joe Pettinicchi

LUNAR was again invited to show off some rocket power at the East Bay Radio Controllers aeromodeling show. This year we launched 23 rockets during the lunch break for the pilots (for some reason the pilots don't like sharing the airspace with our rockets.) Thanks to the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for being our recovery crew. Not a single rocket was lost this year, even with some landing nearly 1/2 mile away.

See more pictures on Joe Pettinicchi's website.

While educating the public at the EBRC airshow we had to share the air with a lot of usual and unusual aircraft including jets, helicopters, and this interesting witch on a flying broomstick.

Joe Pettinicchi and Greg Wong show off their toys.

Toys and more toys were available to see and gently touch.

We launched 23 rockets on the 12 pads setup along the flight line.

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