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Blacksky Announces 'Move Up to a Rail!' Program for Clubs

Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 14:38:42 -0700

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Carlsbad, California, USA (ROL Newswire) -- Blacksky Corporation today announces its "Move Up to a Rail!" program, celebrating the first shipments of its new Standard Rail launch system. For the first 100 chartered rocket clubs that apply, Blacksky will provide a free Standard Rail and a first set of Rail Guides for airframes.

"Blacksky's mission is Real Rocket Science - consumer aerospace products and services that responsibly deliver both the joy of flying as well as knowledge of the underlying science and engineering," said Scott Bartel, founder and President of Blacksky. "And we want fliers everywhere to appreciate the performance and reliability benefits of using a rail launcher. And the new Standard Rail extends the benefits heretofore available only to high power fliers to model and mid-power fliers."

The Blacksky Rail System is an integrated system based on common mechanically mounted Rail Guides rigidly attached to the airframe. One size of Rail Guide works from model rockets on "E" motors to those L3 "M" motor projects or larger. Blacksky Rail Launchers provide more mechanical rigidity than conventional steel rods thus enhancing pointing accuracy, airframe performance and range safety. Rail Guides have lower drag than conventional launch lugs scaled up from soda straws and can be rigidly mechanically attached to airframes.

The Rail System has three components.

  • The Standard Rail is the smaller sibling of Blacksky's Rail System - using our standard Rail Guides for model, MPR and HPR projects. The Standard Rail is available both backward compatible to existing 3/8" rod launch pads or can be adapted to your custom launch pad. From $40.

  • The HPR Rail, a second generation of Blacksky's industry standard ProRail, uses the same Rail Guides as the Standard Rail but has the inherent design strength of a 1" steel rod to support those big HPR and L3 projects. The HPR Rail is available both as backward compatible to 1/2" rod launch pads or for your custom launch pads. From $100.

  • Blacksky Rail Guides mechanically attach with 8-32 screws to the airframe providing high strength, low drag launch guidance. Rail Guides are available either in the standard machined plastic or in high strength Teflon coated aluminum for those big projects.

All elements of the Blacksky Rail System are available for immediate shipment.

"Blacksky wants as many fliers as possible to see the benefits of using a rail. Now clubs can see that one launch system can be used for airframes from model to HPR.", said Ken Biba, CEO of Blacksky. "We are making 100 sets of the Standard Rail available free to clubs worldwide. We'll even pay shipping!"

In order to qualify for our "Move Up to a Rail" offer:

1. You must be the Prefect or President of an officially chartered US or international rocket club and request the Rail for your club.

2. Blacksky would appreciate receiving both digital photographs of rockets launched from the Rail and your honest feedback on the quality and utility of the product.

3. The Club agrees to be listed by Blacksky on its Internet list of "Rail Enabled" clubs worldwide to let fliers everywhere know where to go to "get the best launch.."

Blacksky is a sponsor of the National Association of Rocketry's National Sport Launch (NSL) at and is supplying both a Standard Rail and an HPR Rail to the Club for both NSL and for the Club's later use. See the Club's Web site ( for more information.

Look for more Blacksky announcements extending its product line, supporting the fun, safe and responsible growth of consumer aerospace and our sales and support partners. Please contact us to learn more about our products or just to discuss the fun of flying!

About Blacksky

Blacksky Corporation, formerly Black Sky Research Associates, delivers advanced, yet easy-to-use products for consumer aerospace. Our flight avionics, launch and recovery set the standard for ease-of-use, reliability and depth of information. The product family is proven from hundreds of uses worldwide for thousands of flights. Visit the Company's web site at and learn more.


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